Marian Seldes: Surrounded By Love

We don’t make deals with ourselves or our lives. I don’t like that word. Deals is so…well, it’s not the word I want to use or think that you should use. We create, to a very large extent, the lives that we have, and we bring into our lives the people our thoughts invite, and I was influenced by a Utopian sense of the world and its people very early, and so I walk into the world expecting its beauty. I walk up and meet people and expect good people. I stand by my friends and my colleagues, and I am stronger for their company. My talent is strengthened by their talents. Nothing can be taken away from me by anything but time. When my book [The Bright Lights] was published, someone said to me, and I’m quoting, ‘It’s as though you never met a shit in your entire life.’ I smiled and told him he was funny, but the response is: No, I’ve never met a shit in my life. I may have met some people who didn’t behave as they should or as I thought they should, but I loved them anyway, and then I forgot about their behavior. People can change, and so can my attitudes about them. I don’t care if people think I’m dotty or unrealistic. I really don’t. I am surrounded by love.

From 2000


Marian Seldes in her dressing room at the Music Box. Captured by Rivka Katvan.

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