Marian Seldes on Laura Linney

2010 Tony Award Nominees "Meet the Nominees Press Reception"
She is and always has been so completely committed to her work. Also to her life and to her friends. She has a seriousness of purpose that does not prevent her from living well; from offering friendship and humor and care. She suffers fools, but not blindly: She sees everything, forgives a lot, harvests it all.
Even as a young student, she was fearless, ruthless even, very hard on herself. She drove herself so hard, but she got better and better, even if she failed to see her improvement. I don’t even know if she can see her talent today, when so many are praising her for it. I think she is off to the next challenge, critical of past efforts, gaining strength for the next effort.
She is extraordinary, and I love her. I love her talent and I love her heart. I am so lucky to have  her in my life.
From a conversation in 2002

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