Marian Seldes: Love and Respect


I don’t like the persistent questioning of the theatre: I think it changes our relationship to the theatre, and makes us look at it in an entirely new, unflattering way. Julie Harris used to say something along the lines that we should never say about any thing that we love what we would not say about any person that we loved, and I subscribe to this theory. I love and respect the theatre, and I believe in it. I believe that it will matter always, and even if it matters to a smaller group of people, it still matters, and it must be honored and constantly improved. Of course I can’t be willfully ignorant and dismiss the fact that people care more about musicals and stars now than they do about being moved and startled by plays. I don’t like this; I’m saddened by this. Nonetheless, the theatre must be worked in, worked on, improved, loved, nurtured, re-tooled. We are the ones who will make it matter.

From a conversation in 1995


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