Marian Seldes on Frances Conroy


Marian Seldes and Frances Conroy in Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day, at the Public Theater, 1991.

We talk about impact: Well, she [Frances Conroy] had impact. She had it as a student; she has it now. I watch her on Six Feet Under–I hate to admit that my interest fades if she is not on the program–and I can still see, and sense, all of that inventory that she brings with her: talent and imagination and curiosity and intellect. The best sort of baggage. A huge investment of self toward her character. She is the most generous of actors, and I remember her in class, struggling toward a character, reaching to make a scene work, and you could almost feel all that she was using and reaching for and throwing into the scene. She is a very rich actor, a very detailed actor, and all that she has loved and learned rests in her work, like lovely footnotes, and we all leave her work richer and wiser.

From a conversation in 2002


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