Marian Seldes: Standing Guard


Marian Seldes in A.R. Gurney’s Ancestral Voices, at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, 2000.  Photo by Richard Feldman.

Standing guard over your thoughts means that you are standing guard over your life. I have never understood why so many people believe what others suggest or demand they believe. Who says they are right? I know I can never play certain parts or do certain things, but I don’t see myself as limited. I’m going to be full over in the area where I can be. We measure all the wrong things. The Oscars just ended, and already people are asking if they were ‘right’ to give the award to certain people. Would they live up to the award? As if it were an election, and promises must now be kept. The reward is the performance, the work. What is your reality for yourself? State it, believe it, live it.

From a conversation in 1992


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