Marian Seldes: Your Time Will Come


Marian Seldes, captured by Mark Patrick Murray

Nothing can be taken from you. Not your happiness, not your talent, not a single opportunity. There will always be enough. Your time will come. We do not choose our time, and we do not choose our opportunities, but we are prepared for them, and we use them well. That is what we wait for, not the phone call, or the award, or the right time. The right time is now. We’re living when we should be living, and we have all we need. It’s coming. Wait for it.

From a conversation in 2004



















One thought on “Marian Seldes: Your Time Will Come

  1. Wonderful! Ms. Seldes was a remarkable human being and I count myself so fortunate to have had the chance to meet her. I just wish she could have been persuaded to write a second memoir…


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