Marian Seldes on Kevin Kline

RICHARD III, from left, Marian Seldes, Kevin Kline, Delacorte Theater, New York,  1983

Marian Seldes and Kevin Kline in Richard III at the Delacorte, 1983.

He can do anything, I think. He came to us [at Juilliard] later than most students: He had gone to college and had a bit of a life, and he was astonishingly mature, well-read, composed. Hungry always to learn and do more. He takes his lack of satisfaction in his work to a positive place, and works harder and right away, and blames nothing but his ravenous need to get it right. He painted a lovely little portrait for me during the play [Ivanov, at Lincoln Center, in 1997], and I thought, My God, he can paint, too! He can do anything, and he loves so much as he does it.

From a conversation in 1998


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