Marian Seldes: I Work At Being Kind


Brian Murray and Marian Seldes in Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby, 2001.

We are all employed all the time. Primarily, the world needs our kindness and our curiosity, both of which will lead us to care for the world and each other. This may be our greatest contribution to the world–far beyond the work we find so important.

I work at being kind. I work at listening to other people. I was taught this. I was told it was important, required, and it has saved me. If I didn’t try to care for others, I would be a mess–self-centered, whining, aware of lack. Instead, I’m always hurrying to fulfill all the needs that I can take care of. I can create a little path of kindness in the world. And others are doing this as well. We’re going to take care of things.

From a conversation in 1988.


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